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Payment Methods

Please Read Payment Methods

Down Payment (DP)
Once you make sure you want to create a website with specifications to suit your needs. Please fill out the order form website. Then wait for bill email from our billing team. Charges will be sent via Email and SMS. Please make payment to one of our account number and make payment confirmation.

Paid Off
After the website finished and done revision at the stage of workmanship. Then your obligation is to repay from the lack of payment website. We will give the website payment bill via SMS and also EMAIL. If your website is paid off, 100% of your website.

Account List
Bank Name : Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Account Number : 8820460929
Account Name : Andri Sunardi

If you do not make payments within the time set, then DIW.co.id will delete all your website files that have been made without any reason.

Payment Confirmation
After you make payment, then you must confirm payment, as proof of payment to us.