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History about our company and our service

History DIW.co.id

Digital In Website or more familiar with DIW.co.id is a profesionally website development services company to create your custom web application. To create your custom website, we will design and develop your website with PHP Native and MYSQL.

You just give the concept, then we make it happen! DIW.co.id has been established already 1 year more since 2015 from small project and now has done almost project website up to 70 website, start from company profile website, advertisement website, online store website, church website, portfolio website, application website, e-commerce website, and still much more.

Previously, DIW.co.id was addressed to www.developinspirewebsite.com, due to the url that stands and has now become a company, then changed to www.diw.co.id on 7 June 2017.

Vision And Mission

Become A Professional And Most Respected Website Services Company Worldwide.

1. Developing a better and cheaper website services business.
2. Optimizing good service and provide satisfaction to the client.
3. Run a business fairly and provide benefits to all parties.
4. Provide convenience to the Client against the use of website creation services.
5. Increase the value of the company through creativity, innovation, and business development to be superior.

Our Journey


The first thing before opening a business DIW.co.id, Andri Sunardi learn PHP Native programming language and MySQL Database for 2 years on the website aflashgame.com. At Aflashgame.com, Andri Sunardi created a website that can be played by adobe-based flash community. Aflashgame, owned by William Tansil, grants access to his website to Andri Sunardi to learn more about the website.


Digital In Website named by Andri Sunardi which means to create an inspiring website to the public with an interesting and inspiring look. On October 23, 2015, an Andri Sunardi friend named Erwin Panji Laksono, created the first Develop Inspire Website logo design and used it to date. Then Andri Sunardi published the website Develop Inspire Website with domain www.developinspirewebsite.com on October 27, 2015 which aims to display the portfolio that has been done.


At this time in 2017, DIW.co.id has been working on 68 project websites from 2015. Website categories are made very varied, ranging from thesis program, company profile, e-commerce, personal, and much more. The process is very fast, about 1 month depending on the concept that the client provide. We also provide a very affordable cost to our clients and our clients are very satisfied with our services DIW.co.id. We will continue to be creative and innovative to the current website trend to advance our business DIW.co.id and generate many projects and client satisfaction.<br><br>Our website that almost 2 years ago from 2015, now turned into a version 2.0 that is more fresh and more simple than the website diw.co.id the old or the first time. By listening to criticism and suggestions from our clients and friends, we changed some of the functions and added features on our website. Our domain has also changed from www.developinspirewebsite.com to www.diw.co.id on 07 June 2017. The website that has been established by Andri Sunardi as Freelancer, is now a Professional Website Services Company that will continue to grow in the future.<br><br>With the establishment of DIW.co.id v.2.0 website, then we plan to put DIW.co.id to an Office addressed on Jl. Jelupang Raya No.75, Jelupang, North Serpong, South Tangerang City, Banten 15323. The first DIW.co.id office is still not perfect and will keep the DIW.co.id Office more comfortable for employees, clients, And who wants to come to our office. Our struggle has not been completed yet, and we will continue to plan ahead of time for DIW.co.id to be more in demand by the public.


Because too many websites have different structures, DIW.co.id decided to create a website structure and framework that can be used on several website projects. So if there is a update, then all website projects can be updated automatically. And DIW.co.id develops a CMS (Content Management System) where clients can process data in the CMS without the need to wait for DIW.co.id to process it and it will be completed in 2019.


On Progress


On Progress

Develop and Innovate with DIW.co.id in Indonesia

Have ambitions and dreams to succeed and need challenges? We are opening up opportunities for you to develop a career at DIW.co.id that offers tremendous opportunities to impact almost every aspect of our business. Join our creative and collaborative environment, and discover the extent to which your ideas can be realized.

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Domainesia - DIW.co.id (Digital In Website) Jasa Pembuatan Website dan Program Skripsi
Domainesia - DIW.co.id (Digital In Website) Jasa Pembuatan Website dan Program Skripsi
DIW.co.id (Digital In Website) Jasa Pembuatan Website dan Program Skripsi

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